Learn how to build
the right products

We help product teams and founders build valuable and margin-enhancing products by providing guidance on product discovery and strategy.

Product Discovery is a missing peace of your Product Development process.

Not all features add value,
but each feature adds costs.

80% of features fail to gain adoption after the release. Start building based on evidence, not a hunch.

Reduce risk of failure

Avoid the most common product pitfall of building a product or feature nobody needs & lower your risk of failure by 75%.*

Decrease development costs

Developers spend 50% of their time on avoidable rework. Save 2x the budget and time for entire product development cycle.*

Improve Product-Market Fit

69% of companies say understanding needs of their target customers is the key factor for their later success in the market.*


How we can help your team
build the right product?

Product Discovery

You constantly build new features but it doesn't bring you closer to solving customer problems and achieving business value?

During 3-day workshop you will learn most relevant Product Discovery concepts; from aligning team on clear product outcomes, to building a habit of continuous exploration of product opportunities and validation of product solutions; in order to build value for both customer & the business.

Learn how to:

Product Discovery
Interim Coaching

Your team understands the value of research but finds it hard to implement it as part of your product development cycles?

During our weekly coaching sessions we'll provide your with ongoing support on how to implement Continuous Product Discovery into your work routine. Start working in a truly Dual-Track Agile mode, where discovery work happens concurrently and continuously with delivery work.

Receive ongoing support to:

Product Team

Your team members need external guidance in implementing right product discovery and product strategy practices?

During our bi-weekly mentoring sessions our mentors will help your teammates align on common product outcome, understand how to build and drive successful product strategy, and learn techniques to uncover product opportunities and design experiments to validate them.

Up-skill your team to:

"42% of products fail due to lack of product-market fit"

We help teams discover, validate, and define digital products to make sure that they're viable to the business and valuable to customers.


What do our clients say?

Bartek Najdecki, CEO at GenDocu
Quote image

"Structured approach to Product Discovery helped us better define our value proposition"

"Olek is super-organized and great at discovering the product direction. Before starting the cooperation with AU Venture Studio, we had a lot of ongoing tasks focused on multiple areas. After the product workshops, we were ready to pick the right direction and execute on it with full speed. His wide perspective can spare you much time looking for your product-market fit."

Bartek Najdecki (CEO & Founder)

Mathieu Flamant, COO at Elyps

“Our engineering team was able to deliver new features much faster thanks to cooperation with AU Venture Studio”

"Alex helped us smoothly expand our neobanking business to a wealth management platform by focusing our efforts on understanding customers' needs with remote team alignment workshops, customer persona definition & structured customer interviews. On top of that, he saved us a lot of time by delivering best-in-class industry research & new UX flows and designs, which sped up time-to-market for our engineering team."

Mathieu Flamant (COO & Co-founder)