We are a Product Advisory Company

We leverage our years of experience in building digital products
to educate teams on the way to build valuable and margin-enhancing products with product discovery and strategy. It all comes down to one goal - helping you "build the right thing".

Product Discovery is a missing peace of your Product Development process.

How we work

We believe that applying structure to innovation process facilitates the collaborative creation of usable and viable products.


Align the team on common long-term vision and product outcome.


Discover product opportunities (customers' problems, needs, desires).


Map risky assumptions and validate the product solution with target customers.

Frameworks we use

We leverage proven product frameworks...

North Star Framework

Strategic approach used by companies, like Spotify, Uber, Asana, etc., to align their teams around a common objective that represents the ultimate measure of success for the company.

Continuous Product Discovery

Product Discovery methodology, popularized by Teresa Torres, focused on achieving desired outcome by conducting iterative research activities & weekly touch points with customers.

Customer Discovery Model

First step of Customer Development Model, developed by Steve Blank, concentrated on testing hypotheses and understanding customer problems, needs, and desires.

Tools we USE

...and best-in-class remote collaboration tools


We are an official member of Miro Professional Network, which let us facilitate structured and collaborative remote workshops on real-time digital whiteboards.


We leverage butter.us all-in-one facilitation tool to deliver best-in-class online workshops that are both engaging and efficient. No more Zooming!

Maze | Sharewell

Maze and Shareweel enable us to conduct both moderated and unmoderated customer interviews and usability tests for our long-term clients.